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Andrew Cowan

Andrew John Cowan N.D.Arb. Tech.Cert.(Arbor.A)

Andrew has a practical history in arboriculture having worked in the industry since 1986, setting up his own business in 1990 and establishing a contract company ( Tree Craft Ltd ) in 1994. He has been providing practical advice on arboricultural management since 1992, running a small consultancy called Andrew Cowan & Co (ACC) assisting private residences, developers and insurance companies.

Andrew has always had a keen interest in wildlife and understood the implications of legislation (Acts and Regulations) that afford protection to listed species. He therefore followed the development of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2001 (CRoW) with great interest, realising its implications from a practical point of view, especially in relation to bats and their roost sites in trees and other natural or manmade structures.

After undertaking extensive training and research Andrew Cowan now specialises in bats and trees, while also dealing with their use of other natural and manmade structures often in association with development. Andrew is author of the Arboricultural Association's Guidance Note on Trees and Bats. He is licensed by English Nature for scientific survey work throughout England, which allows him to inspect known or potential roost sites and where necessary handle bats.

Andrew has a pragmatic approach, working well with engineers, architects, surveyors, builders, ecologists and members of the public. The legislation affording protection to animal and plant species can often appear prohibitive so it is important to develop working methods that can be seen as ‘reasonable’ and are therefore ‘realistic’.

Andrew places great emphasis on Continual Professional Development (CPD), within the company (ArborEcology Ltd), its clients and others, regularly writing articles for magazines and journals (see Articles). He has written and assisted with the production of guidance notes, while also setting standards for best practice within the arboricultural industry. This commitment to CPD has lead to his involvement as a mentor for students and in dedicated training for individuals, groups and companies.

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