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In this fast moving modern world training is essential if individuals, businesses and organisations are to keep up to date with current research and knowledge. ArborEcology as a company is committed to continued professional development (CPD) and now offers a range of site based, one day, training modules, designed as stand alone units for those requiring knowledge of a specific topic, or combined in situations where a broader understanding is needed. We are also working with LANTRA* in the development of courses like the new bats and trees awareness days organised by BCT and the Arboricultural Association.

Treework operations whether associated with woodland work, parks and gardens or street trees, will have an influence on the ecology of an area. This may occur through the loss of a specialist food source or foraging area, nest and roost sites or sheltered flight corridors used for navigation. Land owners, consultants, contract managers and supervisors need to be aware of and understand these impacts and how to mitigate for them.

ArborEcology can help fill the knowledge gap by providing dedicated technical and practical training designed specifically to cater to your needs, whether your are responsible for specifying ecologically sensitive contracts or you manage a team of contractors asked to undertake the work, we can help.

In an age where technological advancements extend the influence of human existence further and further, at an ever increasing rate, our impact on the slower moving natural world can have a devastating impact. In an effort to reduce reckless damage and destruction legislation in Europe and the UK has been developed to safeguard threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna. Many such species are now listed within Acts and Regulations (in the UK) to protect them from harm and designate their habitat.

It is therefore essential that management proposals incorporate greater consideration to the ecological impact of human activities. Even where such proposals are written specifically to conserve a habitat for a specific species, it is important to also understand the impact on other species using the area. Wherever possible an ecosystem based approach should be encouraged.

Download the acrobat PDF: Training and Consultancy in Environmental Arboriculture

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*LANTRA is the government recognised Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the environmental and land-based sector covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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