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Below you can see a list of articles written by Andrew Cowan N.D.Arb. for various publications, you can download them by clicking on the Acrobat pdf (Portable Document Format) link. To get the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader free, click here.

NOTE: if the link opens within your browser window, you can either choose save as from the options available or return to this page, right click (command click - Apple Macs) on the relevent link and choose save target.

Title Web link Print / pdf link
Giving Bats a Good Innings click here click here
Don't Fall Fowl of the Wildlife Law click here click here
Tree Work Around Badgers, and Badger Setts click here click here
Ivy - Friend or Foe click here click here
Fungi - Life Support for Ecosystems click here click here
Principles, Practice and Specification for Tree Pruning click here click here
Decaying Wood Recycling Within Arboreal Ecosystems
click here click here
Putting Pruning Into Context
click here click here
Veteran Tree Training Day - Isle Of Wight click here click here
Looking out for bats. They could be anywhere! click here click here
Elevating Bat Culture To A Fine Art   click here
Protecting our ancestors legacy for the generations of the future.
click here click here
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