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ArborEcology combines a knowledge of Arboriculture, as the management of trees, with the understanding of Ecology and the importance of appreciating the function of ecosystems.

ArborEcology Ltd is a company, which can draw on a broad range of experience and knowledge to provide a comprehensive service whether you require consultancy advice, site supervision, training or need practical assistance with a specialist contract. However, we are aware of the saying ‘Jack of all trades and master of none' so we employ independent consultants to assist us to ensure our clients always get professionally qualified advice, while we choose to specialise in:

Trees and Ecology on Development Sites: Providing site implication studies for developers and council planners, this includes tree hazard evaluation, phase I II & III vegetation surveys, and specific arboricultural or ecological site risk assessments.

Ancient and Veteran Tree Habitat: Providing advice to tree owners and custodians, on sustainable management methods to prolong the life of the trees and the habitats they support, while limiting the risk to persons and property. We can assist with practical management, undertaking the work ourselves with a team of specialist arborists or training the contract team you regularly use.

Bats: Providing advice and training to property owners, land managers and developers on issues relating to bats and their roost sites, with consideration to their comprehensive protection by law in the UK and Europe. ArborEcology also has a specialist team of arborists experienced in treework where bats could be or are known to be present in tree features.

ArborEcology works with a belief in sustainable conservation. We realise that it is essential to invest in research, to extend the knowledge base and information resource, which is available to us, our clients and like minded businesses and individuals. We are also aware of the environmental impact of uninformed decisions, and that solutions, have to be both ecologically and economically tenable.

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For thermal imaging assessment of trees and ecological surveys using thermal imaging techniques please go to

The latest Netscape interent browser - free The latest Internet Explorer browser - free The latest Netscape interent browser - free The latest Internet Explorer browser - free “A thing is right when it tends to preserver the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.
It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”
- Aldo Leopold (1886-1948) ‘Land Ethic’ 1949 -
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