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Arbor - arboriculture / Arborist - Arboriculturalist

Arbor: Latin for Tree

Arboriculture: Cultivation of trees, hence Cultur al -- Cultur ist (Arb-ori-culture)

Arboriculturalist - is a person who cultivates trees.

Cultivate, Cultivation: improve, develop, cherish -- Oxford English Dictionary --

This leads us to the current understanding of the word Arboriculturalist, as someone who; cherishes, and cares for trees,developing them and improving shape and form, throughout their lives to enhance their longevity. Arboriculturalist is a word that will always be a mouthful at the best of times, so an abbreviated Arborist, is commonly used.

An Arboricultural Consultant provides professional and qualified advice on the management of trees, from individual specimens to large populations within a park or wood. Such consultants usually have a broad range of experience gained over years of working in the arboricultural industry. True understanding of trees is gained through experience and only the basic background information can be gleaned from training courses.

Arboricultural consultants are experienced arborists who are likely to have a very varied background in Arboriculture, with a wealth of experience across a variety of topics. Arboriculture is a diverse discipline and consultants will often have a working knowledge of other related professional fields, such as structural engineering, local government planning or environmental pollution. ArborEcology specialise in trees, wildlife and ecology, concentrating on arboreal ecosystems.

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