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ArborEcology 'Environmental Arboriculture' – (Habitat Management, Restoration, Creation & Repair)

Due to the success of ArborEcology – Arboricultural & Ecological, Research and Consultancy, offering practical advice on the management, restoration, creation and repair of arboreal ecosystems, clients have requested that ArborEcology also oversee the contract work recommended. In some cases where specialist knowledge is required or where new techniques are being considered they have asked that ArborEcology provide the necessary expertise, or organise appropriate training for other contractors.

ArborEcology recognise the need for experienced, professionally trained operatives who can undertake these specialised contracts that often include work on niche habitats that require very careful consideration.

ArborEcology can now offer nationally a full range of practical habitat management solutions. The level of service can vary depending on the customer’s requirements, and could include:

  • Consulting on practical habitat management issues;
  • Supervising existing customer’s contractors or ArborEcology approved contractors to undertake practical habitat management;.
  • Undertaking contractor awareness courses giving them the knowledge to undertake practical habitat management work and become ArborEcology approved contractors. See Training
  • Direct contracting utilising ArborEcology staff to undertake practical habitat management work.

ArborEcology aim to offer the highest standards of service backed by years of practical experience and technical knowledge.

ArborEcology - Environmental Arboriculture, as a contracting business is preparing to become an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors (AAAC) and undertakes all work according to the exacting standards and the Code of Practice provided by the Association (see

ArborEcology as a proactive company strives to keep up to date with industry standards and excel in their own right, as a result an emphasis is placed on Continued Professional Development (CPD). ArborEcology undertake and regularly assist with research projects and providing training for staff and clients. Pioneering in Environmental Arboriculture.

See a review of one recent contract in:- Elevating Bat Culture to a Fine Art

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