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Andrew Cowan

ArborEcology Ltd, was established by Andrew Cowan in 2002 to provide professional advice, training and practical assistance to ecologists, conservationists, developers, insurers, land/estate managers, private individuals and their contractors.

In this fast moving modern world training is essential if individuals, businesses and organisations are to keep up to date with current research and knowledge. ArborEcology as a company is committed to continued professional development (CPD) and now offers a range of site based, one day, training modules, which have been specifically designed as stand alone units, or can be combined. We are also working with LANTRA in the development of courses like the new bats and trees awareness days (Bats in Arboriculture – a Guide to Contractors) organised by BCT and the Arboricultural Association.

Government guidance and legislation protecting both trees and wildlife is no longer simply asking developers and land managers to follow advice provided by consultants, there is now an increasing requirement for licensing, contract supervision and specialist monitoring. This is where a practical approach is essential to interpret the legislation, and reach a reasonable conclusion, which considers the objectives of all interested parties.

ArborEcology Ltd is a company, with its roots deep in Arboriculture, which has grown up to envelop the ecological world in which trees live. It is easy, when looking at trees, to forget that they are actually part of a much bigger ecosystem, which includes other plants, animals, insects, fungi, bacteria and viruses. All have their part to play in the health function of the ecosystem as a whole and it’s individual components.

Trees are just one organism in an extensive co-evolutionary community of life forms that are dependent on each other for survival. A holistic approach is therefore essential to ensure the sustainability of arboreal ecosystems.


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