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The importance of regular tree inspections
When trees are located within residential gardens or parks, and especially where they over-hang neighbouring land or public areas, such as footpaths, roads or car parks, it is prudent to ensure they are regularly inspected by an experienced arboricultural consultant. Appropriate management can then be undertaken to reduce the risk of tree failures, while a written record of inspections, with appropriate work recommendations will demonstrate that the tree owner is acting responsibly, with consideration to their duty of care.

It is important to be aware that trees may sometimes appear sound and healthy but are actually not and may be liable to collapse or failure. Tree hazard assessment is an essential part of responsible tree ownership. Predictable tree failure as a result of inadequate management can result in litigation, high insurance claims, property damage, personal injury or death.

A trained and experienced arboricultural consultant from ArborEcology Ltd, will be able to provide you with reasonable management recommendations based on methodical tree assessment. Appropriate and responsible management of trees can prevent or significantly reduce the risk of failure and the possible consequences. Remember that if you own a tree or are responsible for its management, the duty of care lies with you.

Reasonable and appropriate pruning recommendations are an essential component of any tree hazard assessment, considering the degree of liability that may be associated with a particular tree or tree feature, while appreciating it’s ecological importance. Hazardous features in trees resulting from storm damage or decay can afford a diverse range of organisms suitable habitat. Many of these organisms are rare and endangered, and as such may be legally protected. Tree features may be used by; bats for roosting, nesting sites for birds, shelter for dormice and are an endangered habitat for fungi and invertebrates.

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